23-24 Recitation Competition

Our Inter-school Recitation Competition was held on 28th February 2024. The event aimed to provide a platform for students to showcase their public speaking and recitation skills in the English language. We are delighted that more than 50 students joining the competition this year. All candidates performed well during the competition. The judges had the challenging task of evaluating each performance based on the participants’ interpretation, voice modulation, and overall on-stage performance.

The top three participants were awarded the following prizes:





1st Place:

2B (28) 戴雋宇
Theo Tai

4D (18) 劉卓軒
Anson Lau

6D (2) 鄭鉉羲
Genki Cheang

2nd Place:

2D (28) 沈朗然
Ronnie Sam

4A (24) 呂禮信
Adrian Loi

6B (22) 劉昱孝
Matthew Liu

3rd Place:

2B (1) 陳睿衡
Bosco Chan

3A (21) 練澤謙
Brandon Lien

5A (31) 譚曉嵐
Bevis Tam /
6C (2) 陳浩然
Howard Chan